15-year-old Claudia Conway has been gaining a following on social media after speaking out about the politics of both her parents, George and Kellyanne Conway.

George Conway is one of the founders of the anti-Trump Republican organization The Lincoln Project and Kellyanne is the familiar face lying on network TV on behalf of Donald Trump. I’m betting Sunday dinners are extremely tense in the Conway household.

Claudia seems to have left-leaning liberal politics, including being a major stan for AOC. She is also very openly critical about how her parents treat her, saying that treatment includes outright abuse, in addition to the nightmare of being in the spotlight for Kellyanne’s work over the last four years.

This all culminated in an announcement that Claudia would be seeking emancipation from her parents in order to live away from them:

Apparently, people rushed to lay this at the feet of Trump, but Claudia said that while her mother’s job didn’t help the situation, it’s ultimately about abusive behavior from her parents over many years:

She also said she would be stepping back from social media for her mental health:

Some people, like former presidential candidate Marianne Williamson, had urged Claudia to keep these issues more private or attempt to work it out with her parents. Others were either supportive of her because they like seeing the Trump admin take a hit, or more compassionately because they know abusive domestic situations can’t always be “talked out in private.”

Soon after, Kellyanne announced she was stepping down from her role at the White House, citing the need to be with her family, especially with schools being closed. Because of the coronavirus. Which her boss apparently hasn’t gotten under control:

Soon after, George stepped down from The Lincoln Project.

Many people are celebrating Claudia for being so honest about the conditions of living with political monsters. Personally, I’m hoping this teenager gets the help she needs and is able to live safely away from abuse, and the Internet.



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*First Published: August 24, 2020, 8:28 am