Kaitlin Bennet

Kent State Gun Chick Robbed Moments After Mocking Elijah Cummings Burglary

The infamous “Kent State gun chick” Kaitlin Bennet realized that her hotel room had been robbed shortly after sharing Donald Trump’s tweet mocking Rep. Elijah Cummings after his Baltimore home was burglarized. You can’t make this stuff up, folks.

Kaitlin Bennet was keeping $1,500 in her Comfort Suites room and posted her surprise when she realized it had gone missing.

Bennet posted the news about the $1,500, which was for her wedding, on her Facebook page “Kait’s Unsafe Space,” which she made after getting famous for open-carrying an assault rifle on the Kent State University Campus.


The university is famously the site of the Kent State massacre, during which the Ohio National Guard opened fire on student protesters, killing four and wounding nine others.

Bennet, who is an avid Trump supporter and has apparently been planning her wedding, accused a Comfort Suites employee of stealing the money because she “told her someone left clothes in the closet.” 

Bennet also claims the employee was rude to her and said that the police laughed at her when she reported the theft, saying the money is unlikely to be found since it was all in cash.


The gun girl now appears to have deleted the Facebook post, possibly because so many people were laughing at her about it. Too bad!

Others are convinced that there never was any money and this is all a grift. There was indeed a GoFundMe page to raise the allegedly stolen cash, but it has been removed already.

Either way, Kent State gun girl doesn’t have $1,500. Maybe she needs to get a real job.