Journalist Mocks Man For KFC Proposal, Then The Internet Shuts Her Down—And Funds The Wedding

A journalist tried to shame a South African couple for getting engaged at a KFC—and the internet clapped back in a massive way. Now, the happy couple is receiving tons of offers from wedding day catering to home furnishings to spa treatments, all because people recognize love is love no matter where you propose.

Anele, who has turned her Twitter account to private due to the unwanted attention, initially wrote the following tweet upon seeing the proposal:

“SA men are so broke they even propose at KFC…they have absolutely no class, I mean who proposes at KFC #KFCProposal.” The tweet was accompanied by the laughing crying face emoji.


Anele’s tweet was not received the way she had hoped. Folks were angry she was making fun of the couple, who looked incredibly joyous at their engagement. They said she didn’t need to dump all over their special moment, and who cared where they got engaged anyway if they were happy?

KFC South Africa got wind of the proposal and posted the video asking for folks to help locate the couple. Soon, they were identified as Hector and Nonhlanhla.

And then the offers started rolling in.

At present, there have been over 224 services and items offered to Hector and Nonhlanhla.

Today, KFC South Africa announced that the couple has picked a date for their wedding.

So now the question remains: is all of South Africa invited?