Kid Rock Takes Vulgar Pot Shot At Taylor Swift, Gets Dragged By Internet

Kid Rock took a seemingly random jab at Taylor Swift because she “wants to be a democrat,” saying she only wants to join that particular political party because “she wants to be in movies.” He then implied that Swift would perform oral sex in order to get to what he called “Hollyweird.”

No one seems to know what prompted this sexually explicit attack on the singer other than possibly a Vogue cover story published Thursday that spent some time talking about Swift’s increasing interest in politics.

“Swift, who has been criticized for keeping her politics to herself, first took an explicit stance a month before the 2018 midterms,” wrote Vogue contributor Abby Aguirre. “On Instagram, she endorsed Democrats for the Tennessee Legislature and called out the Republican running for Senate, Marsha Blackburn. ‘She believes businesses have a right to refuse service to gay couples,’ Swift wrote. ‘She also believes they should not have the right to marry. These are not MY Tennessee values.’

People are already pointing out the inherent sexism in Kid Rock implying that Swift, a sexual assault survivor and recognized Silence Breaker, could only get a movie role if she performed sexual favors. The idea that women trade sex for success is a sexist trope almost as old as Kid Rock himself.

Swift has already been cast in the movie Cats, coming out this December. She hasn’t yet responded to Kid Rock’s attack, but plenty of other people have, often pointing out that Kid Rock grew up in a rich family and shouldn’t be throwing stones.

Others have speculated that Kid Rock may just be trying to start a beef in order to regain some relevancy.

Oh, and Crissy Teigen called him “pathetic,” so it’s safe to say that Kid Rock is canceled, assuming there was anything left to cancel.