5-Year-Old Boy Invites Entire Kindergarten Class To His Adoption Hearing

5-Year-Old Boy Invites Entire Kindergarten Class To His Adoption Hearing

In the United States alone, 135,000 kids are adopted each year, and another 428,000 are in the foster care system—waiting to be adopted, to be returned to their parents, or to age out of the system. Some of them simply move from home to home. Not having a secure home or moving from place to place is a heartwrenching and complicated matter that causes lasting complex trauma, and so every time a child finds a loving, safe home, it’s a big deal — worthy of a party!

One child from Kent County in Michigan wanted to share his big adoption moment with his entire kindergarten class—so he invited them to his adoption hearing.

Michael Orlando Clark Jr., a five-year-old little boy, was surrounded by love with his classmates at his side as his adoption proceedings took place. They all held little red hearts in the air as they watched.

“We began the school year as a family,” Clark’s teacher said. “Family doesn’t have to be DNA, because family is support and love.”

Even the Michigan Supreme Court tweeted about the little guy’s big day!

To make things even sweeter, the hearing fell on the 23rd annual Adoption Day in Kent County.

After the hearing, the court let everyone stay for a half-hour to celebrate. How sweet is that? The Family Division of the Circuit Court in Kent County had Santa pop by as well.

People were so moved by all of the love, from the students supporting their classmate, to the fact that the little boy now had a loving home and family.

There is so much pain, suffering, and hardship in the world — but to see a kid find a good family, and to see so many people celebrating that makes an actual dent in the darkness. Congrats, Michael.