Anyone who has dealt with a bad manager probably knows what it’s like for them to nitpick about every little thing, looking for every excuse to chastise employees they don’t like, and even denying them raises or promotions in some scenarios.

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But while there may not always be any sort of real recourse in that situation, depending on the company and the specific rules, one woman’s coworkers recently showed her that they had her back all the same.

@pyrofrenchfri shared a video in January saying that she had been denied a raise at New York Pizza and Deli specifically because she wears leggings at work. 

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It wasn’t immediately clear whether wearing leggings was specifically prohibited at the job — or why that would actually have any bearing on how well an employee was performing and whether they deserved a raise — but what was clear was that the TikToker’s coworkers didn’t approve of management’s decision.

“now everyone in the kitchen wearing leggings,” she wrote, panning from her own basic black leggings to show the other employees having donned bold patterned leggings of their own.

@pyrofrenchfri wrote in the comments that one of her coworkers actually went out to Walmart the night before and bought a bunch for everyone to wear — yes, even the guys.

Viewers were incredibly on board with this show of solidarity, even pointing out that this alone suggests she deserved raise after all.

“Nah cause when places say ‘we are a team’ this is what I expect,” wrote @spidey.wgn. “Nothing less.”

“As a manager, this means a bigger raise because you clearly have a positive influence on the entire staff and boost team collab and positivity,” @.shleby added.

“Immediate raise for the entire kitchen,” @jennauncensored agreed. “the support !!!! The teamwork!! The comfort level [I] meannnn where is the issue??”

Over on reddit, people did point out that wearing leggings in the kitchen might be a safety issue, but agreed that it would be something that warrants a conversation, rather than something to be used a reason to deny a raise.

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All in all, we’re missing some details to pass judgment on the dress code aspect of it all, but if a bunch of coworkers were willing to put on leggings in solidarity over this situation, it seems to be a safe bet that management is making some bad calls — and now 4.5 million TikTok viewers can see that, too.

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*First Published: February 6, 2023, 11:23 am