Las Vegas “Kens” Harass Black Woman For Bringing A Baby To A Restaurant

Two white men who harassed a Black woman at a restaurant over her baby making noise are going viral in an embarrassing series of clips.

An Instagram user by the name of @fiyameta says she took her 13-year-old sister and 1-year-old daughter to Umezono Sushi and Grill in Las Vegas, where she encountered two men sitting at the bar.

“Walking in, I see them giving us the death stare, my body had chills,” she wrote. “It hasn’t even been 5 minutes before these two creatures started mocking my 1 year old, harassing us, calling my 1 year old daughter annoying.”

She says that the man in the white shirt made some “derogatory, disgusting, racist comments” and that’s when she started recording.

At the start of the video, the men are clearly saying something to her from across the room, but it’s difficult to understand what. She says in the video that they are being “completely racist” because her baby is “making noises.”

She pans over to the baby, who isn’t crying or fussing, but is just making typical baby sounds.

The two men shut up for awhile, but eventually turn back around with their own phones to record @fiyameta and her family.

The man in the white shirt angrily stalks directly over to her table and gets in her face with his phone.

“This is what happens when someone has a dinner that makes their children really, really noisy,” he says, as the baby continues to…not actually be noisy at all.

An employee intervenes and makes the man go back to the bar. The other man keeps filming at a distance and the employee appears to ask them to leave.

In a follow-up post, @fiyameta reiterates that the racist remarks allegedly came before filming began, and clarifies that her daughter “was not screaming, nor misbehaving. She was making baby noises because that’s how babies COMMUNICATE.”

“This experience has been extremely traumatic,” she wrote. “This world has enough pain, please don’t add to it.”