Look, we all have quirks. But sometimes, our quirks transcend “mildy odd” and veer into “absolute psycho” territory.

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On Reddit, people are sharing all the things that are perfectly legal to do but that can make a person look absurdly dangerous.

And while I’m sure most of these examples are in jest (I have never seen anyone wearing a chicken skin as a mask, and I hope I never do), I’m sure we know people who might trim their lawn with a scissor or stand silently at the side of a dark road just to mess with people. Well, they’re all legal — even though it feels like they shouldn’t be!

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“Using both hands to put on Chapstick.” — colummbina


“Walking backwards in public.” — CloudMojos


“Wearing the skin of a roast chicken like a mask.” — penny_lab


“Flying a kite at night.” — Nowforscd


“Stop responding midway thru an irl convo, but maintain eye contact.” — OnlyIce


“Offering candies to kids with a van with homemade logos.” — khanabyss


“Pulling your pants/underwear all the way down to pee at a men’s urinal.” — Sultan_of_Swing92


“Eating a banana with the skin on.” — Nipples_of_Destiny


“Instead of holding the door open (especially at a restaurant with dual double doors) you close them right after you enter/exit the building.” — WiseFool4


“Working out in a suit.” — Poob3

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“Eating unwrapped food from inside your pockets.” — Extreme_Today_984


“Trimming your lawn with scissors. Like, calm down, Bob, I haven’t even mown mine in 3 months.” — goodmorningdgrey


“Standing silently at night along a forest road.” — gutprof


“One of the politicians in our country bit into a hotdog side ways and in the middle, like a sandwich. It was so weird that it was in the newspapers the next day. Slow news day obv, but made him look like a nutjob.” — Inflames811


“Casually eating a stick of butter during a business meeting.” — dalv321


“Writing an ‘s’ from the bottom up.” — RedditorRedditor261


“When you just happen to be going to the same place as the car/pedestrian in front of you. It’s even creepier when it’s a long distance and they look behind them and see you.” — supra025


“Smelling clothes at the retail shop. Never buy anything, just smell it.” — JustMeStoppingBy


“Walking around in public with a glass of water from home.” — Bored_Lem0n


“Entering an elevator full of people and not turning to face the door.” — turbo_dragon

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*First Published: November 25, 2021, 6:33 am