Lindsey Graham Runs Away From Veteran Asking Him About Staying True To His Oath Of Office

During the primaries for the 2016 election, which feels like eons ago, Senator Lindsey Graham warned against making Donald Trump the nominee. He said it would destroy the Republican party—but once it happened, he fell right in line. Now that impeachment inquiries have begun, he continues to maintain his loyalty to Trump, even tweeting about stuff he’s done to support the idea that Joe and Hunter Biden committed crimes in Ukraine. The search for these alleged crimes is why Trump is being investigated to begin with, but okay:

The man is a sycophant and a coward, but he still likes to posture that he has some honor. Well, this clip of him escaping from having a respectful conversation with a Marine Corps Iraq veteran kind of obliterates that.

In the clip, the vet approaches him very generously, saying that he has seen Graham get bashed in the news, but he still believes that Graham is a good guy.

Graham loves that.

Then the vet gets into how he believes that Trump is not upholding his oath, which he and Graham, and all soldiers take to defend the Constitution. He urges Graham to uphold his oath because “the president is violating the law and the constitution,” and Graham takes off like he’s been bitten in the butt.

“No,” is all he’ll say, probably because he knows he doesn’t have a leg to stand on and he’s a big ole coward. Graham has been around a long time and probably thinks if he just keeps his head down and sticks to the Republican talking points he’ll make it through this impeachment and his next election in 2020. He is being run against by Democrat Jaime Harrison, in conservative South Carolina, who commented about the moment on Twitter.

It will be a tough road for Harrison to win, but Democrats have unexpectedly taken over a number of seats across the country, during the midterms and in local elections. People are fed up with how public servants are prioritizing the president’s insanity over the needs of their constituents. Graham might have a lot more to run away from real soon.