Lindsey Graham Mocked For Declaring He Refuses To Read Impeachment Transcripts He Demanded

Senator Lindsey Graham, a Trump supporter with an occasional lapse of reason, told reporters Wednesday that he’s refusing to read the released transcripts related to the impeachment inquiry over Trump’s alleged quid pro quo with Ukraine. When asked by a reporter, who called Graham a “former impeachment manager,” the senator said outright: “I’m not going to read these transcripts.”

This declaration is not sitting well with people after Graham said just a month ago that he would find it “very disturbing” if someone could show him evidence of a quid pro quo outside of the actual phone call between Trump and Ukraine officials. The transcripts he is now refusing to read contain exactly this kind of evidence, including testimony from a growing number of individuals in the Trump administration.

“I’ve written the whole process off,” Graham said. “I think this is a bunch of B.S.”

He also demanded that these transcripts be released last month, back when the Republican issue with the inquiry was that testimony was happening “behind closed doors.” Now that the doors have been opened, Graham has only the one option.

Graham went on to call the Trump administration’s policy in Ukraine “incoherent” and argued that Ambassador Gordon Sondland’s changing his testimony to say there was a quid pro quo and former NATO ambassador Kurt Volker saying there wasn’t means the whole thing’s a wash. He seems to have forgotten the growing pile of other officials who have testified that there was a clear quid pro quo.

This has led some to suggest that Graham, the chairman of the Senate Judicial Committee, isn’t doing his job.

“I think Lindsey Graham should resign if he’s not going to do his job,” said former Rep. David Jolly, a Republican. “The chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee — and he said he’s not going to look at the facts of the allegations against the president of the United States? That he worked with a foreign nation to corrupt the domestic elections in 2020.”

And Jolly’s not the only one.

Others have pointed out that his refusal to read the transcripts flies directly in the face of the guy he’s trying to defend.

The only defense worse than this would be if Graham said Trump was too stupid to commit a quid pro quo. Oh, wait.