Evidence is mounting to support the idea that the novel coronavirus can have a significant impact on that one organ that is quite important to about half the human population, leaving many of those who have them and have contracted COVID-19 with lasting erectile dysfunction.

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One study found that about a quarter of the people surveyed with penises who have had the illness had issues with impotence, compared to nine percent among those who have never had COVID-19.

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This does not come as a surprise to medical experts who understand that the coronavirus messes with the entire vascular system of the body and can result in thick, “sticky” blood that can spawn blood clots and result in deep vein thrombosis. Since erections are caused by increase blood flow to the penis, you can see how COVID-19 might interfere with that.

Another fun feature of this virus is the fact that sometimes the effects can linger for months, and for some unlucky individuals, we don’t yet know how long the phenomenon known as “long COVID” will last because it hasn’t stopped. Symptoms can include lasting fatigue and breathing problems, brain fog, and for individuals with penises, well, you know.

One study published in May in the World’s Journal of Men’s Health found that the coronavirus itself could still be found in the penises of people who had endured and recovered from COVID-19 “long after the initial infection.” Basically, if you’ve had COVID and you have a penis, that virus might still be in there, doing something, and that might be why you’re having trouble getting it up.

“In this report, we provide evidence of COVID-19 in the human penis long after the initial infection,” the researchers wrote. “Our study also suggests that endothelial dysfunction from COVID-19 infection can contribute to resultant ED. Vascular integrity is necessary for erectile function, and endothelial damage associated with COVID-19 is likely to affect the penile vascular flow, resulting in impaired erectile function.”

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To make matters even more terrifying for all of our bepenised humans, the erectile dysfunction experienced by those who have recovered from COVID is reportedly not responsive to our everyday, often-advertised ED drugs.

While this is certainly not the worst thing that can happen to a person as a result of coming down with COVID-19, the common knowledge about the way those who have them feel about their penises is giving a whole lot of people the same ideas about how we can increase those vaccination rates.

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*First Published: August 12, 2021, 10:26 am