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Maskless Trump Fans Flock To “MAGA Boat Parade” In South Carolina

It often seems as though the overlap between Americans itching to get back to pre-coronavirus society and refusing to follow safety regulations and Americans completely obsessed with Donald Trump is a perfect circle. Possibly because so many anti-lockdown and anti-mask protests have heavily featured MAGA gear and Trump 2020 banners.

Whatever the actual overlap is, those in South Carolina who fall into both groups made themselves known over the weekend, coming together in Charleston for a “MAGA boat parade.”

In footage and photos of the event shared across social media, it seems that many people out boating for Trump were not wearing masks and were congregating on small boats together.

The boat parade was organized in advance, with one Facebook page for it boasting over a thousand interested, and 700 RSVPed that they would be attending.

“We’ve got our friends coming in. There’s people we saw coming in from all over to watch this and view this,” one attendee, Michael Holcomb, told local WCSC. “So it’s pretty awesome.”

Clearly many folks agreed with Holcomb’s sentiment, flocking to the harbor to support Trump and party it up for Memorial Day weekend.

But there were at least a handful of people who continued to be concerned that all this was happening in the middle of a deadly pandemic.

“My first thought is that it was remarkable that when Americans were dying at the rate of over 1,000 a day, and 40 million people are out of work, that somebody thought it was appropriate to hold a big party,” said William Hamilton, another Charleston local.

Charleston wasn’t the only city to hold a MAGA boat parade over the long weekend.

Clearwater, Florida, and Lake Havasu, Arizona had their own boat parades for Trump, as did at least a handful over other cities near the water. And a common theme among them all seemed to be a casual disregard for our current health crisis.

While Trump fans were putting their lives at risk to celebrate the president who will be remembered for the deaths of 100,000 Americans and counting during the COVID-19 crisis, he himself was off golfing again and going on Twitter rants so embarrassing that @jack finally had to add a fact check function to Trump’s tweets.

What are these parades celebrating again?