Peter John Dario Twitter thread on his dad dying from COVID-19

“Life Is Completely Fragile”—Man Urges Folks To Make Time For Loved Ones After Losing His Father

One man’s thread is reminding people of the importance of making time for loved ones after his father died from the coronavirus infection. Because of quarantine protocols, he was unable to see his dad in the hospital before he died, and says that his biggest regret was never having the chance to say goodbye.

Peter John Darion brought his dad to the hospital after he came down with COVID-19 symptoms, assuming he would see him again. Unfortunately, his father did not recover, and now Darion is using his grief to remind people what’s really important in life.

“He used to message me paragraphs on a daily basis,” he wrote. “He would get upset at me for not saying bye to him before I leave for work. Now, I wish I could go back in time to make it all up. I guess what I’m trying to say on here is to cherish every moment with your loved ones.”

In general, Dario pleads with people to slow down, take photos, and remember that life is fragile.

After posting the thread on Saturday, Dario’s words blew up on Twitter, reaching over 152,000 retweets and 833,000 likes in two days. At the same time, over 11,000 people have commented, with most offering condolences for his loss as well as thanks for putting such a positive message into the world during a time when we all sorely need it.

He was also kind enough to add a photo of his father and himself looking “hard af,” thanked the public for all their support, and encouraged people to do anything they can to help healthcare workers and others on the front lines.

Some of the comments are as heart-wrenching as the original thread itself, with some offering similar stories of loss due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Perhaps the best comments come from healthcare workers assuring Dario that his father did not die alone.

Tell your loved ones how you feel, especially if they’re healthcare workers.