Can you imagine being so attached to someone that you have to periodically scream at them in public for being a bigot, and yet remain in the relationship? A video taken in June, according to the Daily Dot, and shared again on Reddit by u/thebaguettebitch is going viral again, because we are witnessing just such a couple.

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“Man goes off at racist wife hehe,” they titled it.

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The video doesn’t make it clear what exactly is happening at the start, but it soon becomes clear that the “Karen” has said something racist to a Black couple at the gas station they’ve all parked their cars at. The man is gesticulating wildly in his girlfriend or wife’s face and saying, “You don’t know him, you don’t know her.”

Then he points towards their car, yelling, “F-ck you. Get in the car.”

The videographer seems amused that the woman, named Erin, is getting dragged by her own man. “Erin get your stupid ass in the car,” she says, laughing. “Get in the car, Erin.”

Erin says something to the guy, but he just replies, “You do not know him. You do not know her. You don’t know anybody around here. You are not special. Get your stupid ass in the car.” Then we do hear Erin, and she’s accusing the Black man of being a “f-cking crack dealer.”


Her boyfriend asks why Erin thinks that in a sarcastic tone, asking if it’s because he is driving a “f-cking Buick?”

Erin then throws her drink and walks off, presumably embarrassed.

“Hey, I’m sorry y’all,” the man says to the other couple. Though they don’t seem sincerely amused, the man does crack at the end, like he’s laughing with exasperation over the exchange.

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Though they’re laughing at some points, this must have been a really scary situation—in a gas station at night with two random white people, one of which seems hell-bent on causing trouble and who has a husband who seems perfectly aware that his girlfriend is a racist who causes trouble. Whenever Erin got in the car, I hope she kept getting an earful all the way home.

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*First Published: December 29, 2021, 7:59 am