Trump White House Covered A $1,000 Bar Tab At Mar-A-Lago For Staffers Who Skipped Out On The Bill

We all know that Donald Trump is a leach on the United States treasury, funneling money from taxpayers into his many private properties by either forcing government officials to stay at them or insinuating heavily that they should. The full scale of what he and his administration have been up to is hard to comprehend. But reporter David Fahrenthold of the Washington Post used the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to obtain documents detailing some of these expenditures, and they’re really painting a picture.

Also reported on by ProPublica, the papers show that some Secret Service agents were ponying up as much as $650 a night for rooms at a Trump resort, in one case $17,000 for a month in a three-bedroom cottage. New details were just shared on Twitter by Fahrenthold, revealing that on one wild night, staffers had 50 drinks at Mar-a-Lago, racking up a bill over $1,000. And the White House paid it.

Just came across this (again) in FOIA files,” wrote Farenthold. “White House staffers drank $1,000 worth of liquor at Mar-a-Lago, @realdonaldtrump’s club. Reader, the taxpayers paid!”

The bill hails back to early days of Trump’s take over, back when Steve Bannon was still in favor. Dang. Do you remember Steve Bannon? It all seems so long ago. I wonder what pond he’s floating all bloated on now. Anyway, the night of drinking happened in April of 2017, when Chinese President Xi Jinping came to visit for a two-day summit. While Xi stayed elsewhere, Trump staffers were at the president’s resort, not paying their bills. Bannon and then-deputy chief of staff Joe Hagin were there, but neither of them signed for the bill on the way out.

The bill was then sent to the State Department, who refused to pay. The White House, however, paid in full. A thousand dollars is a lot of money for a restaurant to lose, but on the scale of the president’s other crimes, it’s basically pennies. And it was HIS restaurant! Let Trump cover the tab out of his own pocket—he claims he’s good for it. Unless that’s a lie, too?