Arizona Woman Complains Neighbors Smoke Medical Marijuana In Their Own Home

October 20, 2020, 6:09 am

A woman in Arizona has taken her Karen-ing to the next level, reporting her neighbors for legally smoking weed inside his own apartment and even going on the news to complain about it.

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Apartment living is always hit and miss. Even if you get a great place for a reasonable price, you might be stuck with neighbors that aren’t conducive to the way you like to live your life. But communal living of any sort is a compromise, and there are limits regarding what you can and cannot demand from them to make your life easier.

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Renee Moore doesn’t seem to have gotten that memo. Neighbors in her Scottsdale, Arizona apartment complex have legal medical marijuana cards and smoke entirely inside their unit, but Moore decided that was unacceptable, and went above and beyond to try to force them to stop.

Not only has she complained to the property management company, but she’s also complained to the police and the city — possibly multiple times, from the sound of it. And on top of that, Moore is also complaining that having to spend time complaining to authorities is a waste of resources that should be blamed on the marijuana smokers.

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“There’s multiple, multiple residents complaining, calling the city, calling police. It’s draining city resources,” she told KNXV-TV as part of a segment against legalizing recreational weed across Arizona.

"If marijuana becomes legal to be recreational, everybody else who doesn’t do that and is afraid of their health and their kids, and pets, they’re going to be affected by it big time," she said.

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But even the city pretty much told Moore to mind her own business.

“While we understand that this odor is offensive to you, this odor is a result of a condition permitted under state law that allows medical marijuana usage within one’s own property whether you own, rent or lease,” reads an email she shared from Scottsdale’s Code Enforcement Supervisor, Michael Ritter.

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Ultimately, if you don’t like the way your neighbors are living their lives, the only thing you can really do about it, unless they are actually breaking the law or their lease, is move. And apparently that’s what Moore eventually wound up doing after failing to get them to do her bidding.

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*First Published: October 20, 2020, 6:09 am