‘How To Tell A 10-Year-Old She Can’t Keep The Rifle She Got For Christmas?’ Asks NRA Lobbyist

There is a wide range of people who own guns in the United States, and not all of them are unreasonable people. But the ones who are hoarding and worshipping their assault rifles as mass shootings rise have seemingly entered an alternate reality.

They’re living in a world where they’re afraid of 30-50 feral hogs eating their kids. They’re not concerned with statistically proven dangers, like gun injuries and deaths in homes with weapons. In a way, this is slightly helpful. They’re always saying such demented stuff, it’s harder for anyone to agree with them.

The NRA is basically a club for the most delusional of the delusional, and even their high paid lobbyists can’t entirely hide the worms in their brains.

One lobbyist named Marion Hammer was sent down to Florida, where there was a vote taking place on prohibiting assault weapons. The state has a number of gun manufacturers in it, so there’s potentially a lot of money riding on this decision. Hammer mentioned those issues in her statement, according to the Tampa Bay Times, but people focused on something else she said that was a whole lot weirder.

“How do you tell a 10-year-old girl that the rifle she got for Christmas is an assault weapon and she has to give it up or risk felony charges?” she asked.

Activist Shannon Watts shared the quote on Twitter and people were really confused. To start, who gives a ten-year-old a rifle for Christmas? Secondly, if you’re a parent, it’s your job to deliver all sorts of disappointing news to your kids throughout their lives. That’s how you keep them alive and healthy. Finally, there are much worse things to have to tell a kid, like that someone they love is dead because they were shot by a rifle.

People responded with all of these helpful tips for Hammer, though I doubt she has the capacity to understand them:

Are NRA gun nuts terrible because they had bad parents who didn’t know how to set boundaries? Or are they terrible because they are bad parents who give their kids guns? All of the above.