Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene managed to make herself look even more ignorant and ridiculous than usual today when she posted photos of herself at the Wilder Brigade Civil War monument in Georgia to brag about “defending our nation’s history.” Unfortunately, it’s hard to defend a history that you’re not at all familiar with, as Greene proved when she incorrectly called it a Confederate monument when it was actually built to honor the Union army.

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The Wilder Brigade, also known as the Lightning Brigade, was composed of Union soldiers fighting for the North and led by Union Brigadier General John T. Wilder. It’s unclear what make Greene think that it was meant to be a monument to Confederate forces, but we have the sneaking suspicion that it’s just because it was built in a southern state.

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“Tonight, I stopped at the Wilder Monument in Chickamauga, GA, which honors the Confederate soldiers of the Wilder Brigade,” wrote Greene on Truth Social. “I will always defend our nation’s history!”

The Wilder Brigade was made up of soldiers from Illinois and Indiana and earned their “Lightning” nickname due to their unorthodox style, combining both cavalry speed with infantry power to devastating effect. If Greene is curious, she can read all about this on the Indiana state government website to learn about how badly the Confederate soldiers got their butts whooped by a bunch of northern farmers.

“This new concept was tested during the long days of fighting at the battle of Chickamauga where Wilder’s Brigade saved the Union Army from almost certain destruction on two occasions,” the memorial page reads. “Due to the brigade’s performance, Gen. George H. Thomas was able to make a rock-like stand to save the Union Army. From that day forward, General Thomas would be known as ‘The Rock of Chicamauga.'”

The video Greene included of herself walking up a lot of stairs to reach the top of the watch tower has not saved her from widespread mockery over this deeply embarrassing gaffe. It’s cringe enough to defend a loser traitor army that was fighting to protect the institution of U.S. chattel slavery, but this is bad enough to bring The Rock of Chicamauga low with shame.

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Funny as it may be, don’t let this distract you from the fact that on Tuesday, she also appeared on the podcast The Charlie Kirk Show, hosted by the founder of Turning Point USA, to get actual racists all hot and bothered about “anti-white racism.”

Greene is no stranger to making herself a target for her critics with humiliating self-owns. Forget history — she often seems to have a hard time with the English language itself, blasting out phrases like “Marshall law” and “gazpacho police.”

The left-wing Twitter crowd isn’t about to let her off easy on this one.

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*First Published: October 19, 2022, 10:04 am