Shoppers at a Fred Meyer in Longview, Washington were greeted with a new form of Karen this week when an anti-mask woman started shouting at anyone coming down the aisle she was currently shopping in, banishing them “in Jesus Christ’s name” until she was finished.

“I command you in Jesus Christ’s name to get off this aisle!” she yells at a retreating masked store employee. “You need to leave, in Jesus Christ’s mighty name!”

This Karen apparently does not have an issue with getting in people’s faces in order to shout them out of the aisle, so it’s unclear if this is her way of social distancing or what. Either way, it’s generally not considered appropriate behavior for the grocery store.

“Get off this aisle! You are a demon!” she shouts at a woman approaching her from behind. The woman turns and walks away, likely looking to avoid getting holy COVID-19 from Karen’s mighty spit particles. Karen can be heard yelling after her all the way down the aisle while other customers look on and the store employee makes a call and stops others from entering the sanctified aisle.

“That’s right, until I buy something, then I will happily leave,” Holy Karen yells. “I rebuke you all and cast you into the lake of fire in Jesus Christ’s mighty name.”

“Stay out of this aisle until I can buy something. Have respect for Jesus Christs’ saints!”

She then goes off to yell at someone on the other end of the aisle while shoppers comment on her disruptive behavior.

“What is wrong with people?” someone says. “Is that the way you think you’re really gonna get your message across?”

The woman who took the video posted additional footage from the Longview Frey Meyer, showing her continuing to politely shop as Holy Karen’s shouts can be heard in the distance. Her final video seems to show this Karen’s saintly shopping trip ending badly.

What happened to her shoes? The man who pinned Holy Karen to the floor eventually gets up and walks away, and it’s unclear how her tale ends. Regardless, few commenters have offered any sympathy for her.

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*First Published: July 23, 2020, 11:29 am