“Do You Understand Science?”—Video Shows Maskless Woman Claiming To Be Doctor In Costco

True to their inventory, Costco seems to be attracting anti-maskers in bulk. Only a few days ago, the latest “Costco Karen” was staging a one-woman sit-in protest, refusing to leave the store when an employee informed her she wouldn’t be helped if she didn’t put on her mask.

Now, a woman claiming to be a doctor was caught on camera arguing with a fellow shopper who asked her repeatedly to follow store policy and wear her mask.

In the video, the woman has two masks in her hand, presumably one for her and one for her elderly mother who is sitting nearby. She waves them around and puts on a show for the camera, clearly irritated that a male customer has begun to film her.

“You’re in Costco, not wearing your mask, refusing to wear your mask,” he says.

“Yes, call the police,” she responds. “Shame me, like an ass.”

The two-minute conversation between the two suggests that the woman has been asked repeatedly both by the customer and Costco employees to put on her mask, yet she insists she “hasn’t had a moment” to do so.

“You can put it on right now, ma’am,” he tells her.

“I’m not going to do that for you. I’ll do that when I’m ready to do it,” she says.

The woman eventually asks the man filming if he understands science, then insists that she’s a doctor. If her intention with that comment was to suggest something about masks, or not wearing masks, or literally anything at all, she never followed through.

The entire tone of the conversation has people shaking their heads in frustration.

The woman’s claim to being a doctor was also called into question.

While some people defended the woman, believing her claim that she just hadn’t had time to put her mask on yet, one guy online had an easy solution.

It’s really that simple, folks!