The standoff between Kevin McCarthy and Matt Gaetz surrounding the former’s attempts to secure the position of Speaker of the House was the focus of anyone following American politics for several days, until McCarthy rolled over and capitulated to whatever Gaetz and his ilk wanted him to do. 

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And while there’s plenty to say about what that might mean for the state of U.S. democracy moving forward, for a minute, seeing Republicans in such disarray due to their own misstep in welcoming rightwing extremists into their midst was a form of entertainment to many, as McCarthy lost, and lost, and lost, and lost again.

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One moment in particular that had the internet chatting away was when McCarthy approached Gaetz directly after losing the 14th round of voting. The interaction was caught on camera, although those of us watching from home couldn’t make out what they were saying.

So the person behind Bad Lip Reading stepped up and filled in the blanks (aka completely made it up for our own further entertainment).

The whole Speaker of the House debacle was honestly wild enough that we didn’t even need a conversation made up from bad lip reading to make things entertaining, but building on top of something that’s already ridiculous is what the internet does best — and Bad Lip Reading did not disappoint.

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Although, would it really be that surprising if this is the heated conversation that had been going on between McCarthy and Gaetz with a little bit of Lauren Boebert thrown in?

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*First Published: January 9, 2023, 7:35 am