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‘I’m Not Living Without Guns’: Meghan McCain Says Gun Owners Could Turn Violent If We Ban AR-15s

If there’s one thing America is desperately in need of, it’s gun reform. The sheer number of mass shootings the country experiences on nearly a daily basis is appalling, and yet the government is loath to ban or even make assault weapons harder to get. One person who’s unbothered by that is Meghan McCain, who declared her support for the AR-15 and her refusal to live without guns on Tuesday’s episode of The View.

In a conversation about the need for gun legislation, McCain got up in arms at the mere suggestion that guns might not be so readily available, insisting that she’s “not living without guns” and that should the government decide to make the weapons harder to access, there will be “violence,” especially since the AR-15 is “the most popular gun.”

I don’t know what kind of warped mind-frame you have to have to think it’s great that people even have a favorite gun, let alone that they should be able to purchase and own them freely (and potentially kill people with them).

However, even when confronted with the fact that these weapons are killing people at an alarming rate, Meghan McCain brushed off the concerns of her fellow panelists and insisted that you could pry the guns out of her cold, dead hands.

Unfortunately, it seems like there’s nothing that can be done to change the minds of people like McCain, who refuse to confront the fact that the easy access to guns is causing more mass shootings than there are days in the year.

No amount of facts and figures or heartbreaking stories about people who’ve lost children, partners, siblings, or other loved ones seems to get through to them. What’s even sadder is that the government seems to have the exact same attitude. When will it all end? Sadly, it doesn’t seem like it will be anytime soon.