Melania Trump giving a speech at the DEA

Melania Trump Gave A Speech About The Dangers Of Bullying And Of Course It Backfired

People continue to be unimpressed by Melania Trump’s #BeBest campaign to promote the well-being of children online and stop cyber-bullying as her husband continues to tweet out nasty things about his political opponents.

The first lady was giving a speech at the Drug Enforcement Administration headquarters Monday to kick off Red Ribbon Week and used the opportunity to promote her anti-bullying campaign.

“Whether it is showing a simple act of kindness, providing care where there is a need or teaching something valuable, ‘Be Bes’’ promotes the positive actions happening in our communities and around the globe, and helps children understand what it means to live healthy lives,” she added.

Melania claims that her campaign also works to fight against the nation’s opioid overdose crisis. However, there is no evidence that her traveling and speech-giving and photo ops with children have actually produced any concrete results other than allowing her to be away from her husband.

That, and giving people an opportunity to point out the hypocrisy of a woman going around promoting an anti-bullying campaign while her husband is Donald Trump.

Maybe it would be better to just not talk at all.