Trump Baffles With ‘Joke’ That Melania Wouldn’t Cry If He Got Shot

Donald Trump is a man who has been accused of cheating, assaulting dozens of women, and crimes against his own country. Melania Trump is a partner in crime, but it seems like she’s more of a business partner than a loving wife. There have been many documented moments where it seemed like Melania would rather watch her husband fall down a flight of stairs than hold his hand. It’s been insinuated that she would divorce him if it weren’t for the presidency. And while I personally don’t have any sympathy for her complicity, I can completely imagine what torment it must be to live by his side day after day.

At a private Republican fundraiser on Wednesday night, Trump reportedly admitted that he also knows his wife hates him with the white-hot heat of a thousand suns. Sometimes in his ramblings, he lets a grain of truth escape. In an odd moment, Trump brought up the shooting that injured House Minority Whip Steve Scalise, according to Politico. He talks about seeing Scalise’s wife, who was crying.

“[Scalise’s wife] cried her eyes out when I met her at the hospital that fateful day…I mean not many wives would react that way to tragedy, I know mine wouldn’t,” he said.

There’s no report on what happened after he said this. Silence? Awkward laughter as everyone darted eyes at the First Lady?

But people do agree with Trump. Melania would not mourn for long:

It is interesting that Trump thinks “most wives” wouldn’t be crying at the hospital after their husband was shot. Maybe he just means most of his wives. He’s had a lot of them.