Security footage of Target fight over mask policy

Men Break Target Security Guard’s Arm For Telling Them To Wear Masks

Two brothers ended up breaking a Target security guard’s arm after they were told to obey the store’s mask policy or leave. Security footage shows two men being escorted out of the store by three guards when one of them suddenly turns around and appears to strike at one of the guard’s faces, sparking an altercation between the five of them.

The man who initiated the fight can be seen grabbing the first security guard to respond to the assault and wrestling him violently to the ground. By the end, that guard is the only to remain on the floor, appearing to be in pain, even after the brothers leave the store.

The brothers were later tracked down and arrested on charges of felony battery, with bail set at $50,000 each, according to the local ABC affiliate.

Local police Lt. Jim Gavin reported that this is the fourth fight over the same Target location’s mask policy since it was implemented. There have also been multiple stories of people attacking or even shooting fast-food employees after being denied entry to the restaurants’ closed dining rooms. One such worker was shot by a woman during an argument over this policy at an Oklahoma City McDonald’s.

Many companies have mandated policies requiring masks to be worn inside stores since the pandemic began, with orders coming down from corporate and entirely out of security guards’ and low-level workers’ control. The CDC has also recommended that all people wear masks when leaving their homes in order to slow the spread of the virus.

Regardless of whether or not you agree with the CDC or Target, most people agree that nobody should be shot or have their arm broken over it.

Please be kind to each other.