Everyone working at home means we’re all getting glimpses into the lives of our co-workers that we may not historically have been privy to. Sometimes…it’s more than we ever needed to know. But in the best scenarios, we get treated to Zoom meetings boldly featuring people’s pets, a trend that is undoubtedly making the world a better place.

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But in this modern, mid-COVID-19 world, some of the folks working from home have to broadcast far beyond a simple Zoom meeting.

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Just ask Indiana meteorologist Jeff Lyons, who forecasts the weather for the local NBC affiliate, 14 News. Lyons has begun filling folks in about upcoming weather conditions from the social distancing safety of his own home — and, unsurprisingly, his cat, Betty, soon demanded her time in the spotlight.


Betty made her big TV debut earlier this month.

“There are some benefits to working from home,” Lyons said, cradling the fluffball. “Betty, here…seems to be enamored of all the lights out here.”

He then seamlessly transitioned into letting residents of Indiana know that it was going to be chilly over the following several days, Betty still living her best life in his arms and in front of the camera.


Lyons and Betty quickly went viral for their team-up.

When a cat gets famous on the internet, you better be prepared to show the internet more of that beloved cat. And fortunately for all of us sitting at home, Betty continued to get her moments to shine.


“The outpouring for this silly cat has been crazy,” Lyons said in a subsequent broadcast.

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Betty even got her own lower third graphic!

“Betty the Weather Cat” — it’s got a great ring to it! Who wouldn’t watch that show??


Really making the most of their time together, Lyons and Betty even hosted a Q&A on Facebook Live.


After spending a little time watching Betty grace the TV screens of Indiana, it’s hard to believe that any news broadcast should exist WITHOUT the help of a precious pet. If cats want to take weather, surely dogs can head on over to traffic. This is definitely the new normal we all deserve.

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*First Published: April 17, 2020, 6:10 am