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Mike Pence Pisses Off Locals By Bringing His Motorcade To Island That’s Banned Cars

Mike Pence is best known for calling his wife “Mother,” his paleoconservative views on human sexuality, and for being the biggest kiss-ass of a Vice President in memory.

While his bigotry and general uselessness have angered many over the years now he’s somehow managed to even offend normally polite Midwesterners, which is no mean feat.

Pence did so by visiting Mackinac Island in Michigan this past weekend for the Republican Leadership Conference.

The small island in Lake Huron is home to roughly 450 people and zero cars. In fact, cars are banned on the island with the exception of emergency and repair vehicles and have been since the 19th century. The locals like it this way and the several hundred Michiganders who call the island home travel by bicycle.

But Pence didn’t seem to care about the rule and showed up with a tradition-flaunting motorcade that consisted of a whopping eight black SUVs.

Politicians have visited the landmark island before and all of them appear to have respected the no car rule. According to Business Insider:

“Even Gerald Ford, the only president from Michigan, traveled by horse-drawn carriage when he visited Mackinac in 1975.”

People were not pleased.

Pence and co. have gotten away with a lot but if you come for people’s Midwestern charm? You better watch it pal.