When we think of President Trump doing anything, saying anything, tweeting anything, or getting near anything of any level of importance to the human race or the planet (so, everything) we quiver in both fear and confusion and profound sorrow. But Mike Pence, his godly VP? That’s another story. He’s not quite as vocally belligerent, sure, but that doesn’t mean he’s not equally as vile or ignorant.

So when we found out that Mike Pence—conversion therapy enthusiast, climate change doubter, condom naysayer, theory of intelligent design-espousing, and “smoking doesn’t kill” believer—would be leading the U.S. into the fight against COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we all recoiled in collective horror.

This is the guy who, as governor in Indiana, presided over an HIV and Hep C outbreak because he couldn’t wrap his tiny mind around the importance of needle exchange programs. THAT is who is in charge of keeping Americans healthy.

And the American people are having none of it. From the hilarious to the outraged, here’s what people are saying, like Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (we #stan), who calls the move “utterly irresponsible.”

ALL of the below is very, very true:

Here’s a thought worth considering:

Also, we’re ALL DEAD:

At least it wasn’t Ivanka?

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*First Published: February 27, 2020, 12:32 pm