Mike Pence’s cold appearance during a visit to the McAllen Border Patrol Station in Texas on Friday and his inaction other than blaming Democrats for something his President created resulted in #FakeChristian trending on Twitter. The Vice President was described as “stiff, uncomfortable and almost angry” in the video showing him surveying the overcrowded facility that kept hundreds of men behind a chain-link fence.


Despite the cage being so crowded that the men would have had to sleep on top of each other if they tried to sleep all at once, and despite complaining about the smell, and despite the men telling him that they were hungry and hadn’t been allowed to bathe for weeks, and despite being given no mats or pillows so they had to sleep on the concrete floor, and despite the place not being air-conditioned in the middle of summer in Texas, Pence still had the nerve to defend the station’s conditions.

“While we hear some Democrats in Washington, D.C., referring to U.S. Customs and Border facilities as ‘concentration camps,’ what we saw today was a facility that is providing care that every American would be proud of,” he said according to a New York Times transcript.

He said this somehow at almost the same time he knew the system was “overwhelmed” and blamed Democrats for not giving more money to Customs and Border Patrol even though they literally just did.

Pence’s demeanor in the video and his inaction other than finger-pointing in the face of so much human suffering resulted in so many people calling him a fake Christian that it became a trending hashtag.

Mike Pence has used his supposed Christian beliefs to advance his political career, during which he used the same beliefs to attack LGBTQ+ rights as governor of Indiana and refuse to be alone with women other than his wife – something which unfortunately appears to be spreading. However, people who actually know anything about the teachings of Jesus have something to say after Friday’s national disgrace.






Jesus would have whipped the stuffing out of Mike Pence and Donald Trump, honestly.

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*First Published: July 15, 2019, 10:04 am