Rainbow flags flying in Iceland and the prime minister giving a look to Mike Pence
Hugrún Jónsdóttir

Mike Pence Greeted In Iceland With Rainbow Pride Flags And Side-Eye

While Donald Trump was busy being absolutely unable to admit being wrong about Hurricane Dorian hitting Alabama, Vice President Mike Pence went to Iceland in his place.

In response, Iceland’s Advania technology company flew a row of rainbow flags in place of their normal ones, knowing that he would be driven past their building, which is across the street from the Hofdi House in the capital where Pence was to meet the Icelandic president.

Not only that, Iceland President Guðni Th. Jóhannesson sported a rainbow bracelet on the day of Pence’s visit, which can be seen in photos as he shakes the U.S. vice president’s hand.

Mike Pence is well known for his homophobia, which he became famous for by promoting and signing multiple anti-LGBTQ laws while he was Governor of Indiana. Since he became vice president, multiple nations have greeted Pence with shows of support for LGBTQ+ people.

Once he was inside and shaking hands attached to rainbow-adorned wrists, Pence failed to impress, as detailed by the Irish Times in an article titled How Mike Pence s**t on the new carpet in Ireland’s spare room.

“As the air in the steamy ballroom turned decidedly frosty, Pence urged Ireland and the European Union ‘to negotiate in good faith’ with the new British prime minister,” wrote Miriam Lord. “The local crowd raised eyebrows and wondered what he thinks the aforementioned EU has been doing for the last three years, if not negotiating in good faith with the UK.”

Although Lord gives credit to the European political leaders in the room for maintaining their cool while Pence talked, Iceland’s Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir was caught making a couple faces that Americans will feel in the depths of their souls.

Courtesy of Hugrún Jónsdóttir
Courtesy of Hugrún Jónsdóttir

We’ve all been there, Jakobsdóttir.

Mike Pence did not comment on the clear anti-homophobia messages Iceland was beaming at him, but he’s probably used to being greeted with rainbow items by now.