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Mike Pence Sucked Up To Trump So Hard In A Tweet That People Think Trump Wrote It Himself

Watching Vice President Mike Pence suck up to Donald Trump is a common and vicariously humiliating experience. The obsequious VP regularly gushes about how wonderful Trump is and how he supports and agrees with him on every opinion he’s ever held.

He says this stuff in public. It’s embarrassing, man.

A new tweet from Vice President suck-up Mike Pence is drawing attention for being so incredibly thirsty in its support of Trump and so weirdly phrased that it’s making people suspicious…

People noticed something strange about the tweet. Was this just Mike Pence sucking up as usual…or something else?

While sucking up to Trump is par for the course for our vice presidential yes-man, the writing style and odd capitalizations stuck out as suspiciously Trumpian.

In conclusion, while it’s certainly possible that Trump snatched Pence’s phone in order to praise himself, Pence is such an incredible sycophant that he probably just handed it to him and went back to massaging the royal feet.