Mike Pence tripping on the stairs to Air Force Two

Mike Pence Trips And Falls Up The Steps To Air Force Two And The Jokes Are Fitting

Maybe Donald Trump was right about taking things slow and carefully so you don’t fall and look like a dweeb on camera, because that’s exactly what Mike Pence did on Tuesday while climbing the stairs to Air Force Two for a trip to Wisconsin. The vice president starts off strong, jogging up the steps, and is almost on the top when he stumbles, tries to grab the handrail, and almost ends up flat on his face.

That’s pretty embarrassing, but at least he was able to hop back up and give a dorky little wave and thumbs up.

Some have speculated that Pence may have been trying to put on an air of fitness after Trump was widely mocked for his grandfatherly shuffle down a long, not-really-steep-at-all ramp and tried to excuse it by saying that he didn’t want to fall and get mocked by the news media. It seems that they both never figured out the age-old secret to being cool—stop caring so much about what people think of you. At least when it comes to appearances.

But Trump and Pence don’t get that. They care too much about appearances and then they don’t care enough about what people think when it comes to legislation or taking action on a looming pandemic. Therefore, they get the jokes.

Multiple individuals have compared Pence to Former President Gerald Ford, who famously slipped on the steps coming down from Air Force One. The difference is that Ford never tried to look fit or cool because he wisely knew that he couldn’t pull it off, so people just felt sorry for him. Nobody feels sorry for Pence today.

Remember when Trump got toilet paper stuck to his shoe? Nothing can ever top that.