After almost a year of spreading misinformation and discouraging people from wearing masks, all while passing COVID-19 around like an appetizer tray, the White House is suddenly pro-science.

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Vice President Mike Pence decided to get the vaccine along with his wife, Karen “Mother” Pence. The process was aired on live TV.

Sitting beneath a sign that read “SAFE and EFFECTIVE” he rolled up a sleeve and let a doctor stick that needle in. USA Today reports that afterward, he said, “I didn’t feel a thing.”

He added that he hoped the show would “be a source of confidence and of comfort to the American people,” and that “these days of hardship and heartbreak will, in a day not too far in the future, be put in the past.”

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Remember when Pence was in charge of the coronavirus task force? Whatever happened with that?

There are many horrifying things about the hypocrisy of this situation, but people were too distracted by the sight of Mike Pence’s arms to think about much else:

This is like when people eroticize non-sexual parts of the body, except the opposite.

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*First Published: December 18, 2020, 9:18 am