A woman’s story of how what would normally have been nerve-wracking interaction with her boss turned out to be a positive experience has people singing the praises of millennials in charge.

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Kristen (@drowningabovewater94) was initially reacting to a video from another TikToker, @joshuaturek, who was joking about how open-minded millennial bosses are when she decided to use that as a jumping point to share her story.

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“I have worked for a narcissistic, psychotic boomer, and I have also worked for a narcissistic, psychotic Gen X,” she began.

The TikToker explained that she recently started working as a realtor for a fellow millennial who is a few years older than her, and a situation came up where she felt her boss had undermined her during an email communication with clients.

So Kristen decided to bring up the issue with her boss, emailing her privately to explain her concern that she may have damaged her relationship with the clients by responding to them directly rather than speaking with Kristen first about whatever was going on.

“I was shaking in my f—king boots,” Kristen admitted. “Even though I stand by everything that I said and I stood up for myself, my relationships with my bosses have been with these other generations.”

But it turned out, she had nothing to worry about. Here’s how her boss replied:

I see your point and I apologize. I apologize for the way I approached that. I did not mean to undermine you in anyway. For future emails that I am CC’ed in, I won’t reply unless I’m addressed to or asked a direct question. I apologize for the way that I approached that, and I have 100% trust in you in the way that you are handling this file. The clients have been great clients for me and I may be a little too attached because of it. I definitely need to learn to let go and trust. I also appreciate your email, and I appreciate you writing to address the way you felt right away instead of keeping it inside.

Kristen’s shock at her boss’s reply was obvious, as she stressed, “This is a boss. This is how you communicate with your employees. This is how you take accountability… I was gobsmacked at this email.”

“This should be the norm,” she added.

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Viewers clearly shared in her enthusiasm over the way her boss handled the situation, with one writing, “that’s the most millennial email I’ve ever heard.”

“The elder millennials copped the brunt of almost zero support from an emotionally void and out of touch generation and we had to figure it all out,” suggested @becmaygreer.

“I was a millennial boss and my whole thing was to break the cycle of toxic management,” @mandiejk agreed, while @mattbusbee pointed out “‘I’m sorry that’ instead of ‘I’m sorry if’ is a GREEN FLAG.”

Others shared that they have had similarly positive experience with millennial bosses over bosses from prior generations, with the top comment on the video reading, “my millennial boss is the best one I’ve ever had.”

And @alyssa_zwicker nailed it with her brief analysis of the situation, writing, “That’s not a boss honey. That is a LEADER.”

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*First Published: February 1, 2023, 9:57 am