Misogynist Shares Dating 101 ‘Facts’ And Gets Dragged For Idiocy

Dating is so hard and complicated. You have to find someone you’re attracted to who is also attracted to you. You need to live in proximity to one another. You need to be sexually compatible, emotionally open, and have the time and energy to invest in them. And you have to make sure your partner isn’t a misogynistic douche nozzle. Maybe check their tweets?

Stefan Molyneux is a radio host who likes to troll Twitter for attention by saying absolutely moronic things loosely based in mostly discredited evolutionary psychology. He has also been happily married for 17 years, according to him. He decided to share some modern dating tips, even if he theoretically hasn’t been on a date in almost two decades:

He wrote:

DATING REALITY 101 PEOPLE: Men want female fertility, women want male resources. For women, fertility decreases; for men, resources increase. Women are born rich, and quickly go broke. Men are the opposite. Men age like wine. Women age like milk. Wake up & mate up.

It seems like he’s saying “wake up & mate up” to women. Should we take his advice? He clearly hates us, so it’s hard to imagine he has great intentions. Molyneux is not particularly original in this tweet—trying to terrorize young women into settling down with any jackass so she can make babies has a long societal history.

But as times change, it becomes less and less applicable. Women aren’t dependent on men for financial resources and they’re also not obligated to have children (yet, though we shall see what direction the Supreme Court goes in).

A lot of people in the comments tried to reason with Molyneux, but he has a horrible answer for everything:

He has been responding to a lot of people who are saying long term compatibility has more meaning than fertility by clarifying this is a dating tweet. It’s not about marriage. Even though he said “mate up” and is referencing having children! It’s not about commitment!

Yes, your grandkids don’t care how pretty you are. It would be strange if they did. But it’s also weird that Molyneux thinks only hot people make families, or that anyone would want to spend their life with a man who only values her for her looks just so she can get a few macaroni drawings when she’s in a nursing home. Doesn’t seem worth it, in my opinion.

Molyneux has a lot of male followers who are on board with the idea that if they work out and flash some cash, women will flock to them. Without doing a personal survey, it’s hard to say what their real experiences are. But I do wonder why men who are so flooded with dates have time to be so angry about women online.

Honestly, Molyneux’s views aren’t just sexist, they’re kind of delusional. It’s pretty hard to survive on one income these days, even if you have a full time wife (housekeeper, child care worker) who doesn’t require a salary. Most women don’t want to be in that position anyway, because as the kids age, there’s not as much for you to do.

Having a rich and rewarding life has many facets. That can include marriage and children, it can include a career, it can include traveling the world as a mysterious detective.

Don’t let anyone pressure you into doing any of those things, especially not a guy who looks like an old baseball mitt.