TikTok Of Mom Telling Off Man For Harassing Her Daughter Goes Viral

A protective mother is getting praised as a hero after a TikTok video of her cussing out an older man who was blatantly staring at her daughter’s butt went viral. According to BuzzFeed News, 21-year-old Julia Frank noticed the man staring at her when she was shopping with her mom and cousin at a local supermarket.

“A glance is one thing, but an obvious stare is another,” she said.

When Frank walked past the man and he openly looked directly at her backside, her mother spoke up. “My mom said, ‘Excuse me sir, that’s my daughter you’re looking at.'”

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The man tried to dismiss her by saying “mind your own business, lady,” despite the fact that a man creeping on a woman’s daughter sounds like exactly her business and the fact that Frank clearly didn’t appreciate the stares, either.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the old man started following the three women around the store. Frank’s mom, Stephanie Ibarrondo, decided she’d had enough, and Frank’s cousin started filming just in case.

Julia Frank

“You dirty old man, stop staring at my f***ing daughter’s a**,” says Ibarrondo as the video starts. The man starts to talk back, and the fierce mom is having none of it. “Get away from me! Now you’re bothering me and harassing me.”

“Dress like a w****, you should look at a w****,” the man says.

Not only does it sounds like he’s saying someone who dresses like a sex worker should look at other sex workers, Frank is about as covered up as she could be, in sweatpants and a baggy sweatshirt. Of course, as Frank pointed out to BuzzFeed, nobody deserves to be treated that way no matter what they’re wearing.

“It shouldn’t be about what someone was wearing, ever,” she said.

Julia Frank and Stephanie Ibarrondo

The good news is that the man was escorted out of the store after employees were alerted to the situation, and they assured the women that they watched him leave. It’s a win for women everywhere thanks to the firm and vocal action of Ibarrondo.

“She has raised me to be a stronger woman, so I’m able to teach my kids one day how to be strong as well,” Frank said of her mom. “She has taught me that no matter what happens, it’s always important to stand up for yourself.”