Mom Goes To Bat For Son After Family Members Have “Meeting” About Him Being Gay

It’s that time of the year when people are reconnecting and reckoning with their extended family, for better or worse. This is a story about both the best and the worst from a young man named Cydney Prescott. Prescott is celebrating the power and love of his mother, who is an absolute queen, but the rest of his relatives aren’t looking so good.

He tweeted a short story that went quickly viral, because it paints such a picture:

Xmas I found out my family tried to have a “meeting” about me being gay &my mom CLEARED THE MF’N ROOM

“Idgaf how none of y’all feel HE’S MINE and if you don’t want to deal with him, fuck you cuz you dont have to, BUT I KNOW, none of you will have shit to say to me about it!”

I think we can all imagine the scene, the awkward murmurs or perhaps dead silence. Whatever happened next, Prescott is unbelievably proud of his mom for being the badass she is—and for being just as proud of him:

Responses to the tweet were all pretty much about how everyone loves Prescott’s mom and wants to celebrate her being the perfect parental ally, too. A few more details came out, like how his mom told him and his boyfriend this story as they were headed to meet the family that got their asses handed to them:

As happy as Prescott was to share his wonderful mom with the Internet, he was also thrilled to share the Internet with his mom.

He screenshot tweet responses to the story with her, then screenshot her response to the screenshots. It’s a screenshot loop:

via Twitter
via Twitter

She wants more screenshots! And she deserves them. Moms without Twitter accounts get love, too, especially one like this.