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Conspiracy Mom Grounds Her Teenager—For Wearing A Face Mask

An anti-masker mother is getting dragged on Twitter after brazenly admitting that she actually grounded her teenage child for wearing a mask behind her back. Yes, you read that right. As if being a teen isn’t bad enough, just imagine being a teen with this woman for a mom!

The mother in question was responding to a tweet from a random #MAGA account, proclaiming September 15 to be “NO MORE MASKS” day. “End this nonsense,” states a graphic in the tweet. All over the world. We will all stop wearing masks. Just throw that filthy thing away.”

“I don’t have one to throw away, and my teenager is GROUNDED for wearing one at the store behind my back,” replied Twitter user @Sakowichmom, who is clearly the mother of the year.

It didn’t take long for the mother to get ratioed for her extremely problematic tweet. Many ridiculed her with memes, while others slammed her parenting skills or expressed sympathy or concern for her child.

It seems like this woman is deliberately trying to make sure her kid never reaches the age where they can move out,” wrote one user, while another added, “He [for real] gonna be GROUNDED when he’s six feet under.” Others had similar sentiments:

According to the Daily Dot, the author of the tweet appears to be a conspiracy theorist and Trump supporter by the name of Kristina L. Allen, who also runs at least one other Twitter account under the name “Octomom.” In other words, that means she’s ostensibly got seven other children she’s doing a bad job at parenting.

Surely, it will also come as a huge surprise that Allen also subscribes to QAnon—the conspiracy that claims Democratics, Hollywood elites, and other prominent liberals belong to an underground group of satanic, baby-eating pedophiles—as she writes in a recent blog post is titled “JESUS IS A CONSPIRACY THEIST.”

Then again, on the other hand, maybe getting grounded over wearing a mask is the least of her kid’s problems.