At this point, there is likely a substantial collection to be found of video clips featuring Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene telling some white guy about how oppressed he is because for the first time in hundreds of years folks are saying things like “what if other types of people matter, too?”

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That combined with her decrying the amount of time these men spend playing video games and cranking it to raunchy videos could fill hours of your time if you ever wanted to torture yourself.

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This time, Greene was saying it to Daniel Schmidt, an 18-year-old right-wing podcaster who was very receptive to the idea that people who look just like him aren’t being appreciated enough.

In fact, they’re totally oppressed, they’re the most discriminated against, they’re judged by what they look like and for once it’s not in a positive way and no one has ever experienced that before, right?

“White men, you know, they’re bad,” says Greene, claiming that all of society feels this way. “They have to be pushed to the back, they shouldn’t be listened to.”

(Wow, who ever heard of someone being called bad, ignored, and pushed to the back based on their race and/or gender?)

“But what that’s done to your generation and even some of those a little older than you and those definitely younger than you is it’s created hopelessness in many of these guys,” she adds.

Greene goes on to blame this imagined “hopelessness” for things like divorce, child abuse, and neglect, which naturally culminates in evils like playing video games.

“No one is there for them as they are growing up. They spend hours and hours alone, which is what do they do with their time when they are alone? They don’t have an after-school job if they are in high school. They probably don’t play a sport. So they’re spending hours and hours time alone, which turns them to all kinds of bad things: Porn on the internet, reading crazy stuff in chat rooms and God knows who’s in there and saying what they’re saying.”

Yeah, those chat rooms could even be spreading QAnon-type conspiracy theories that could lead impressionable white men to attempt to overthrow a democratic election and smear feces on the wall of their own nation’s Capitol building.

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Greene also names video games and at least acknowledges that people are tired of hearing Republicans blame the popular activity for all of our problems, but still does so anyway.

“A lot of time playing video games, and I know people don’t like to demonize video games, but I do think that maybe has a role there for some people.”

(What is that role? Who are those people? We may never know.)

Greene appeared to be attacking affirmative action with her speech on the podcast literally called “Piece of Schmidt,” claiming earlier on that white guys immediately get put on the bottom of the list for college admissions. This is, of course, not how it works, but there have already been indications that the hyper-conservative Supreme Court is targeting affirmative action.

The court took up a challenge to affirmative action back in January, and left-wing analysts are not optimistic about which way that decision is going to go. With the current makeup of the court, it’s expected that this case will be a domino that effectively ends any semblance of efforts to diversify higher education and all that it leads to, at least in red states.

“The arguments haven’t changed, but these lawyers are hoping the Supreme Court has changed, and so they will look at these old arguments with a different view, and perhaps finally overturn any school’s attempt at using race during the admissions process,” said legal analyst Page Pate.

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*First Published: August 15, 2022, 2:11 pm