Muslim Teen Responds To Gunfire At School By Sheltering Students In Nearby Mosque

Within one week, Oshkosh West High School in the small town of Oshkosh, Wisconsin had two shootings.

Students, teachers and administrators were already reeling from a Dec. 1 attack. Last Monday, a 17-year-old student pulled a gun on an officer. The officer shot the student, who was immediately taken to the hospital’s intensive care unit and remains under stable condition.

On Wednesday morning, they heard another gunshot.

One student in particular took action and offered refuge to more than 100 of her peers. Duaa Ahmad was in AP English when she and her classmates heard the gunshot. Students were confused, but their teacher acted quickly, instructing the students to call 911 and run to safety.

A group ran to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s Oshkosh chapter mosque, which is located across the street from the high school. Ahmad had the security code to enter the mosque, so she held the door for her fellow students until all were safe inside.

“A guy yelled, ‘go, go to the mosque’ and that’s where everybody seemed to be going anyway, so I just tried to lock as many people in as I could,” Ahmad told CNN.

The run to the shelter was captured by a security video and later circulated throughout the news and social media.

Ahmad is not only was a hero to her classmates but to her family as well.

“When I look at the video now, I feel pride,” Saad Ahmad, a financial secretary at the mosque, told ABC News. “Her composure is remarkable in that situation. I don’t know how I would react in that situation.”

The gunshot came from a school resource officer who was stabbed by a 16-year-old student with an “edged weapon.” The officer shot the student and both were immediately taken to the hospital for their non-life-threatening injuries. And according to Ahmad, everyone is safe and healing.