German Locals Buy Out Town’s Entire Beer Supply So Neo-Nazis Have No Booze For Their Music Festival

An entire German town worked together to dry out ahead of a planned far-right music festival that was expected to draw hundreds of neo-Nazis over the weekend. The Schild und Schwert (Shield and Sword) Festival has been held on Adolf Hitler’s birthday in previous years and is notorious for selling merchandise with slogans like “I (heart) HTLR.”

In order to prevent violence and send the message that neo-Nazis are not welcome, the town of Ostritz imposed a ban on the sale and possession of alcohol for the duration of the festival.

Despite the ban, neo-Nazis brought beer into town for the festival. Local police confiscated 4,200 liters (1,109 gallons) of beer from the white supremacists on Friday alone and warned that they would continue to enforce the alcohol ban throughout the event.

In order to help with the efforts to deter neo-Nazis and keep them sober, local citizens pitched in by buying up entire stocks of alcohol in Ostritz.

“The plan was devised a week in advance. We wanted to dry the Nazis out,” said Ostritz activist Georg Salditt, of the Schild und Schwert festival’s attendees. “We thought, if an alcohol ban is coming, we’ll empty the shelves at the Penny [supermarket].”

Take note, America. This is how you deal with neo-Nazis.

22 June 2019, Saxony, Ostritz: A woman and a man are pushing a shopping cart with beer crates along the street near a local supermarket. The whole beer of the supermarket was bought in a campaign by citizens and the IBZ (International Meeting Center of the monastery Sankt Marienthal) and loaded into a trailer
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Police had to deal with a total of 32 crimes over the course of the festival, according to Newsweek. Thankfully, it appears that the alcohol ban at least had the intended effect of preventing physical violence. People all over the world are pleased with the results.