Teen’s Revised Map Of “New” America Goes Viral On Twitter

Sportswriter Craig Calcaterra found a map that his 16-year-old daughter Anna was working on and thought it was too incredible not to share. The map featured such hits as Vermont and New Hampshire becoming one state, Canada being bisected by Texas, Minnesota being renamed East Dakota, and Chile becoming “Long Chile, removing the entire west coast and causing Chilean-American War.” Oh, and Wyoming? It got removed entirely. No one really cares, right?

If you’re feeling confused, you’re not alone. Her dad was so bewildered and amused by the map that he tweeted it (and continued tweeting) about the weirdness:

Even he admitted that some of it seriously surprised him:

OK. First of all, what is up with OHIO? There were definitely some serious feelings about Ohio:

And Texas stood out in its wretchedness:

(More on Canada below…)

Of course, lots of people focused on the “Long Chile,” and for good reason.

Luckily, Twitter users offered some killer insight around Chile:

Wait, wait, what about Panama? Did it get Wyominged?

And Canada? They’re chill with all of it. Very polite.

Or are they?

But they definitely do not want to be part of the U.S.:

Also, a valid question — Florida is also very, very long.

And MEXICO? Come on now, Anna…

In the end, people were shaken by the map’s….overall cleverness.

It’s safe to say that things got weird on Twitter after seeing the tweet: