A TikToker’s date with a “nice guy” just goes to show that red flags come in all varieties when you’re on the dating scene.

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@Talisa0913 was on a date with someone she referred to as a “Nice Guy” (quotation marks and all), when she realized his version of being “nice” was taking full control of every aspect of their date, leaving her with no agency whatsoever. So she did the logical thing and started quietly recording the interaction to share with TikTok.

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Her video, which mostly only had audio and a nondescript shot of a restaurant table to offer, started off with red flags waving from the jump, as her date immediately jumped in and insisted he order for both of them, completely disregarding the dish she had shown interest in.

Talisa informed him she hates surprises, but that did not deter the man, who then went on to her inform she didn’t want the red wine because “you don’t want to add on any calories, do you?”

“I tend to know what women like,” he claimed cluelessly. “I’m definitely a cut above the rest.”

Her date also didn’t stop at just ordering her drink and meal for her; he also got extremely upset when she insisted she would pay for her own half of the meal.

“You will not embarrass me,” he scolded.

The date seemed so absurdly miserable that some people immediately questioned whether it was real or not — before reminding themselves that actually, yeah, there are way too many guys like this in the world.

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Ultimately there was still some debate on whether or not this particular video was staged, or a reenactment, but the conversation it started was certainly legitimate.

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Talisa did post a follow-up video confirming she’s doing fine, although she did not provide more details about the interaction itself.

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*First Published: February 1, 2023, 6:24 am