Nike store manager with cops accusing a black couple of stealing a basketball

White Nike Manager Falsely Accuses Black Family Of Stealing Basketball, Ruins Sweet Family Moment

In yet another instance of black people having to deal with racist retail employees hassling them over nothing, a black couple was accused of stealing a basketball he had just paid for by a white Nike store manager who followed him for “several blocks” after he told her that he had paid.

To make things worse, they had bought it for their 18-month-old son as his very first basketball in what should have been a beautiful memory for the family. Instead, they were stalked down the street and had to deal with the police.

The mother, TaMiya Dickerson, took the above video after the store manager got the police involved. The cops demand to see the receipt, which father Joel Stallworth produces as Dickerson questions why they should have to prove they bought the miniature basketball and accuse the store manager of racial profiling. The male officer then shows the receipt to the store manager, pointing out that yes, it is a receipt for the basketball they left with.

The couple is justifiably angry about having their sweet family moment ruined, and Dickerson demands a refund and an apology. They did get a refund and an apology from Nike itself, who also fired the racist store manager. The couple is reportedly still considering legal action, pointing out that Nike’s training programs are clearly lacking when it comes to customer relations and racial sensitivity.

“Our only recourse is to go to court and see if Nike is willing to make a change. If not, we’ll take it to a jury trial and have our peers decide if Nike did the right thing,” said the couple’s attorney, Stephen King (not that Stephen King). “The ball is in their court.” Good one.

No matter what Nike does, however, the family can never get that moment back. Instead, it was turned into baby’s first racism moment.

“My son saw his father get accused of stealing,” said Stallworth, according to the Santa Monica Daily Press. “This lady discriminated against me in front of my family.”

He was also disappointed that the white cops automatically took the side of the white store manager.

“I can’t say I was surprised, because being a black man in America we really don’t hold too much weight with the police,” he said. “The manager harassing me put me in a place where it was hard to calm down, and getting riled up in front of the police can end in death for people who look like me.”

Thankfully, no one was harmed in this case. Maybe someday a Black family can buy a basketball without having to worry about hiring a lawyer.