Writer and Revue Cinema’s Dumpster Raccoon Film Series Anthony Oliveira recently made an interesting observation on Twitter in a thread that has now gone viral. He noticed that in nearly every depiction of Noah’s Ark for children, the lions are indisputably gay.

If you’re not familiar, Noah’s Ark is the story of a guy who built a boat after God told him to because he was about to kill the entire world with a massive flood. So Noah built a huge ark and filled it with a breeding pair of every animal on Earth so that they could survive along with humans. However, many depictions of this ark include two lions with full manes. Lions with manes are, of course, male.

Oliveira found several works of art clearly made for children that makes this amusing error, which gets funnier every time Christians are homophobic.

He did find one which seemed to attempt to avoid this gay lion trope, but what may have supposed to have been a female lion looks a little more like a tiger, which brings up additional problems.

He even found a Rennaisance painting that might depict gay lions, if those are indeed supposed to be lions. Rennaisance art is weird. Also, what happened to those unicorns? Did someone forget to feed them, or were they actually a gay pair who couldn’t reproduce? Please explain.

Oliveira ends his thread by declaring the entire classic story of Noah’s Ark to be “queer as heck,” and he’s definitely right.

If the thread itself wasn’t amazing enough for you, people on Twitter have been chiming in with their own gay lion jokes.

Other people have additional questions and comments about the story of Noah’s ark, including but not limited to the choice of animals brought on board.

This is why Biblical literalism gets so weird. But if you insist, happy Pride!

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*First Published: February 12, 2022, 11:11 am