It’s hard to believe, but there’s still a lot of sexism in the world and especially double standards about things that seem utterly ridiculous.

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On Reddit, people are sharing the things that are considered “normal” for men but women still receive “backlash” over.

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And it turns out, hair occupies a lot of space in peoples’ minds — whether a woman is bald or shaves her head, whether she cuts her hair short, whether she prefers to let her body hair grow, etc. Maybe we should all just mind our own business and let people maintain control of their bodies and appearances!

1. Certain Jobs

“Driving an 18 wheeler…they sh*t when I get out…it is just a truck…I can drive a semi, too.” —


2. Being Topless

“I have a vivid memory of being 10 or 11 during a very hot summer afternoon. It was right after school and the boys popped their shirts off, so I did too. I was so confused when they all gave me sh*t and told me to put my shirt back on; we looked the same.” —


3. Shaving Their Head

“Go bald.” —


4. Facial Hair

“Grow a mustache.” —


5. Peeing Habits

“Pee standing up.” —


6. Hairy Armpits

“I noticed my older SIL had hairy underarms, like REALLY hairy. When I was a kid and noticed it I asked her why she had hair there and she said ‘it keeps me warm in winter.’ LOL I love that woman.” —


7. Getting A Short Haircut

“And getting your hair cut short. The amount of times I heard people b*tching and moaning about me ‘ruining’ my beautiful hair made poor teenage me so hesitant and insecure. So glad I bit the bullet and got the chop. Short hair was the best decision and I do not regret it at all.” —


8. Farting

“I was exhausted from a long ass flight, first time seeing my boyfriend of 2 years. Either of us had never been with anybody else. We were cuddling, fully clothed I might add. I fell asleep and farted on his crotch our first night together. He proposed a month later, been married for 5 years. Fart freely, my angels. If he runs then he ain’t worth it.” —

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9. Embracing Grey Hair

“Stop dyeing grey hair.” —


10. “Babysitting” Instead Of Fathering

“Calling it ‘babysitting’ when watching their own children.” —


11. Ageism

“It’s absolutely wild to see male actors who are permitted to age while their female counterparts are constantly replaced by a new young actress. It’s so pervasive that sometimes irl couples who are the same age can look mismatched – we’re so accustomed to seeing men with younger-looking women.” —


12. Putting Kids Second

“My husband’s coworkers give him sh*t any time he has to miss work to do childcare (if kid is sick etc.) We alternate missing days, but his bosses have outright said, ‘Why isn’t your wife doing this?!’ on his days. After a couple years of this, he started bluntly replying that I’m the primary breadwinner so my job is frankly the more important one right now unless something changes at his workplace.” —


13. Pooping

“Literally just taking a sh*t.” —


14. Keeping Their Last Name

“Keep their last name after marriage.” —


15. Not Crying

“Dealing with grief. When a guy doesn’t cry, it’s stoic. When a woman doesn’t cry, it’s cold and unhealthy.” —


16. Eating A Ton Of Food

“Eating large portions of food. If a woman (even a skinny and fit one) is at an event she enjoys and fills a plate with junk food, it tends to raise a few eyebrows. It’s considered unladylike. When a guy does it, it’s viewed as normal and healthy appetite.” —

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*First Published: October 3, 2022, 2:19 pm