North Korea Put Donald Trump On Their Postage Stamps, Because That’s Where We Are Now

If you had “Kim Jong-Un celebrates Donald Trump’s visit to North Korea with a postage stamp” on your 2019 bingo, congratulations! You’ve won a ballistic missile.

Yes, these Donald Trump postage stamps are a real thing, reports Kyodo News. The collection of three different stamps are meant to commemorate the historic, yet completely pointless 2018 denuclearization summit with Trump and Kim. The images show the two world leaders shaking hands, signing the joint agreement, and a copy of the joint agreement itself.


In 2019, the United States and North Korea hosted a second summit which was more unsuccessful than the first. The two leaders, ever full of egos and bluster, torpedoed nuclear disarmament talks with their unfailingly awful leadership styles.

Lately, Trump has been slammed by the press and citizens for continuing racial attacks on congresswomen of color, stoking white supremacist terrorism with nationalist rhetoric, and detaining migrants in horrific conditions at border facilities.

Meanwhile, the North Korean autocracy continues to fire more missiles, threaten the United States and South Korean military, steal billions of dollars in cryptocurrency, and subject their citizens to public executions and sexual violence.

Check out the video below for the uh, special collectors set.