Popular Nurse On TikTok Facing Backlash For Spreading False Information About STDs

A nurse and TikTok personality is facing backlash after one of her TikTok videos went viral for the wrong reason.

Known as “Nurse Holly” on TikTok, she has gained 1.7 million followers on TikTok through videos about positivity, being a nurse and a Christian. She frequently posts wellness tips while wearing her nurse scrubs.

Recently, Holly posted advice that didn’t go over well with people. In a video uploaded to TikTok, Holly claims the best way to prevent STDs is to wait for sex until marriage.

Holly deleted the video from her TikTok account due to backlash, but the video had already gained legs on other platforms.

Holly’s post drew backlash because abstinence-only education has been proven to be ineffective. Knowing research has proven abstinence-only education to be harmful and that Holly is a medical professional promoting abstinence-only education is worrisome for many people.

A couple of Twitter users pointed out a major fallacy in Holly’s sex-until-marriage stance.

It’s a good question.

And one nurse went viral for creating a video response to Holly’s TikTok, saying she is violating the nurses’ code of ethics.

Holly, who did not disclose her last name for privacy, did speak to Buzzfeed about the video and its backlash.

“In the comments, I acknowledged that of course using protection will help prevent STDs if one is sexually active. I just wanted to present another option to my young audience,” she said.”I understand that my voice will not be accepted by many as it’s an unpopular view. This video was simply created with the intention of helping little girls see that saving sex for one partner may have certain benefits.”

And that’s OK, however, it was presented as the only option in the video. And, like this Twitter user points out, abstinence-only isn’t practical.