A viral TikTok video is standing as a reminder that women can be sexist, too, after workers at a car dealership and auto shop filmed a call on speakerphone from a lady who kept demanding that only men help her or work on her car. This resulted in her getting bounced around to the sales department, which is the only department in the business where there are men on the phones.

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She gets transferred back to the women in the actual service department and is continually frustrated because as it turns out, all the service writers at that particular dealership are “females” because, in reality, gender has nothing to do with whether you can unscrew a lug nut.

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“My opinion is females don’t belong in a service department, they belong behind the scenes doing the paperwork,” the lady on the phone says when service writer Autumn answers.

According to the overlay text on this video, this particular customer “always had some issue every visit.” When Autumn tries to explain to the sexist Karen that there will indeed be women working there whenever she comes in and no men can help her on the phone, she tells a tale of supposed female incompetence that was actually a COVID outbreak.

“As long as there is a male in the shop to change my oil, that would be fine,” the woman said. “I do not want a female working on my car, and I’ll tell you why. The last time I headed out to have something done, it was a five-minute job. I sat there a freaking hour, and I had to go track down a male to get my car because the females were incompetent of paging me.”

What the ability to page someone has to do with auto mechanics is a mystery, but the overlay text explains the real story, which is that on the day in question, they were down four technicians due to a COVID outbreak in the shop. The Karen was informed of the long wait time before anyone could get to her car but refused to reschedule, then complained when it took as long as they said it would and apparently decided to blame it all on her fellow ladies.

It can be risky filming a bad customer, but TikTok user Rachel was comfortable enough in her workplace to show the footage to her boss, the owner of the dealership, who is a man. According to the video, he was “shocked and outraged” at the customer’s sexism, especially considering the fact that he employs three managers and eight service writers who are women.

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We may never know why this Karen didn’t simply go to another service shop to get basic work done like oil changes that was full of men, but she will now because management has decided that she is no longer welcome at their place of business.

“Female’s [sic] in our dealership are treated with equal opportunities,” the overlay text explained. “Our service director fired her as a customer. Bye bye Karen!”

Commenters were widely glad to see workers and the owner standing up to a bigoted customer, especially when it’s as depressing as a woman trashing her own gender based on ancient, crusty stereotypes we were supposed to leave behind with the Jell-O molds.

“The misogyny is coming from inside the house,” noted one commenter.

“I would have said ‘I completely understand mam [sic], can I speak to the man of the house to confirm what you are saying is correct?'” joked another.

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*First Published: December 21, 2021, 11:15 am