Oklahoma Farmers Won’t Vote For Trump Again After Trade War Cost Them $32,000

A couple with a pecan farm in Oklahoma have lost $32,000 from President Donald Trump’s multiple, ongoing trade wars. The couple recently spoke to RawStory under pseudonyms Mr. and Mrs. Smith to protect their identities.

From 2017 to 2019, the average pecan broker lost about $.40-.50 per pound due to President Trump’s tariffs. If a farmer is harvesting 80,000 pounds of pecans, that’s at least $32,000 they have to pay out as a result of tariffs.

While farmers did receive a bailout from the government, the money mainly went to corporate farms and the Smiths only received $3,000, which barely made a dent in their $32,000 payout. The income loss has hurt the Smiths so badly that they are not able to purchase new equipment for the upcoming farming season.

Farmers aren’t the only people these tariffs are hurting, too. A new study by the Congressional Budget Office found President Trump’s ongoing trade wars aren’t just affecting farmers, but are said to cost the average American $1,277 a year.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith both work full time in addition to the 400-tree pecan farm they’ve owned since 1980, but they recognize not every farmer has full-time work to fall back on.

“We know of young farmers that aren’t making it,” Mrs. Smith told RawStory. “It is a catch 22. You can’t make a living unless you invest, and you can’t pay for it if prices are right.”

Farmers, especially those in Oklahoma, also have the weather working against them. A few years earlier, Oklahoma experienced hurtful droughts and currently, the

President Trump’s many tariffs have deeply hurt American farmers, the same people the president promised to support. Instead of offering solutions for U.S. farmers, President Trump has focused on bailing out a Brazilian farm corporation.

Farmers aren’t the only people hurting under these tariffs, either. United States steel, for example, has lost 80 percent of its market share since President Trump’s tariffs began.

As for the Smiths, who voted for Trump in 2016? Their vote is going toward someone else.